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Summit Jazz Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that presents live jazz in Denver, Colorado, with an emphasis on traditional, classic, New Orleans, swing and mainstream styles of jazz. The best description of the philosophy of this organization is found in its Mission Statement.

Phone: 303-670-3820. Toll Free: 866-768-7444.

SUMMIT JAZZ 2015 is scheduled for September 25-26-27 at the Crown Plaza Hotel, 15500 East 40th Ave., Denver, CO 80239.

DIRECTIONS: The Crowne Plaza Hotel and Convention Center - Denver International Airport is easily accessible to ground and air travelers alike. Located just twelve minutes from Denver International Airport and right off of I-225 and I-70, our hotel offers comfort and convenience for travelers from around the globe. Our 24-hour airport shuttle service and complimentary parking provide efficient and inexpensive transit options for both overnight guests and conference attendees. Just 12 miles from downtown Denver, our hotel also offers easy access to downtown Denver's wealth of world-class restaurants, nightlife, and attractions. No matter where you're traveling from or why you're coming, the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Convention Center - Denver International Airport offers convenience, comfort, and value for all of our visitors.

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Mission Statement

To foster awareness and appreciation of traditional jazz through public concert performances by internationally recognized artists who have earned their reputation as dedicated exponents of this musical genre. Traditional jazz originated with African-American musicians in New Orleans at the beginning of the twentieth century who evolved a collective improvisational way of playing music that evinced a melding of African and Euro-American musical heritage and incorporated the influences of the blues, ragtime, hymns, marching band music, prison work songs and street vendor shouts of those times. We define contemporary traditional jazz as the music created today by those artists who emulate the collective improvisational approach of the art form's progenitors. Jazz is considered America's only original art form.