Welcome to Summit Jazz

Juanita Frederickson passed away Monday December 19 after a brief battle with cancer. She did not suffer long, and died at home with her daughter, sister, and son-in-law with her.

Juanita passionately loved jazz and the people who create it. She produced Colorado’s annual Summit Jazz event for 38 years, beginning in Breckenridge, ultimately relocating to Denver. With her husband, the late trombonist Alan Frederickson, she also produced the Swinging Jazz concert series at the Seawell Grand Ballroom at the Denver Performing Arts Center for several years. Though she wasn't a musician herself, she had a remarkable ear for it and excelled at bringing people together around it. Over the years, Summit Jazz was proud to present hundreds of great players, from Doc Cheatham, Ralph Sutton, Milt Hinton and Red Holloway to Jeff Barnhart, Bucky Pizzarelli, Allan Vaché and Fast Eddie Erickson. Juanita and Alan shared countless happy hours listening to the music they loved with other people who shared that passion, and her spirit will live on whenever people gather to play and listen to the music.

The Summit Jazz Foundation has been dissolved, as both Juanita and Alan had wished, and the last Summit Jazz event was held in 2016. Thanks to all who attended over the 38 years. It is our hope that you will all help similar events to continue with your attendance and financial support.

Mission Statement

To foster awareness and appreciation of traditional jazz through public concert performances by internationally recognized artists who have earned their reputation as dedicated exponents of this musical genre. Traditional jazz originated with African-American musicians in New Orleans at the beginning of the twentieth century who evolved a collective improvisational way of playing music that evinced a melding of African and Euro-American musical heritage and incorporated the influences of the blues, ragtime, hymns, marching band music, prison work songs and street vendor shouts of those times. We define contemporary traditional jazz as the music created today by those artists who emulate the collective improvisational approach of the art form's progenitors. Jazz is considered America's only original art form.